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And the Winner is...

Written by Tom Cash, December 2nd 2020

Time is up, the competition is closed and the results are in — our 2020 sticker competition has come to an end.

With the drama of the Coronavirus, Brexit and the US presidential election essentially hijacking 2020, the camaraderie of this year's competition has been a welcome break for many.

In total, participants and entries were up approximately 30% on last year and everyone had great fun.

Well, almost everyone...

There have been some pretty well thought out entries, like this entertaining thread ๐Ÿงต from AE Aerospace...

You've shown us your pets...

We've seen puns, word play and fox jokes...

You've showed us your crafts...

We've even seen a magic trick...

2020's competition also saw a surge in videos such as these brilliant entries from Excell Metal Spinning, Threeway Pressings, Sabina Michnowicz and Burley Fires respectively.

All-in-all, this year's sticker competition has been another resounding success, full of energy, hijinks and banter.

With so many creative and funny entries to choose from, picking a winner has been tough but, without any further ado, we're delighted to reveal that the winner of our 2020 sticker competition is...


Thank you to Jamie and the team at AE Aerospace — you have really made us laugh and we have really enjoyed your commitment. You are now the owner of this cordless Makita coffee machine and some coveted Foxmere Technologies merch.

Makita Coffee Machine

We will also be sending a luxury Christmas food hamper and some Foxmere Technologies swag to Neil Hussey and Sally Bailey.

Luxury Christmas Hamper

Not only are Neil and, his partner in crime, Sally great friends of Foxmere Technologies but they have both been particularly excellent during this competition, drumming up hype and generally making us smile every day.

Kudos to you both and thank you!

Last but not least, the following people and businesses will also receive some Foxmere Technologies goodies as a thank you for their participation.

  • Scott Bickley
  • Dr Cheryl Whiting
  • Excell Metal Spinning
  • Threeway Pressings
  • Rosegold Reports
  • Adam Van Den Houten

Someone from the team will be in touch soon and your loot will be with you in the next week or two.

Thanks again everyone, it has been brilliant and we hope to see you again next year.

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