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Introducing Foxmere Technologies

Written by Tom Cash, January 1st 2019

Today we're launching our new brand as we begin to refresh our overall look.

Moving away from our family-themed branding has not been a decision that we have taken lightly. However, we recognise the inevitability of change and the importance of embracing it.

Our first company name, NJJ Automation, was created quickly in an effort to get down to the nuts and bolts of running the business. After all, you can't open a business bank account without a business and you can't open a business without a name.

And It was a good name — we loved it.

However, over time, we slowly grew frustrated with all of it's seven syllables and we found it increasingly more challenging to market a brand that had a distinct lack of theming.

We needed something new.

We wanted an image that firmly reflected our passion for quality, simplicity and balance.

It was time for us to level up.

After countless hours of R&D, lots of long meetings, a few sleepless nights and hundreds of cups of tea we finally arrived at Foxmere Tecnologies /

Foxmere Technologies Logo

We won't bore you with every angle, colour and strategic choice that we have made during this rebranding process — you're busy people, but we will say that we firmly believe that this new brand ticks all of our boxes and we are confident that this strategic realignment of our image will be enough to drive continued growth both in the UK and overseas.

Over the next year, you will see more changes from us as we continue to roll out the new branding. For now, here are some key facts regarding the change:

  • Our new website URL is
  • All company email addresses are now
  • The company address and phone numbers have not changed.
  • The bank details now require our new business name.

Finally, we want to say a special thank you to our existing customers and suppliers for your continued patience and feedback throughout this process.

For more information on the new brand and our process please contact Tom Cash via LinkedIn or via the new business phone line.

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