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COVID-19: Open as usual and still supporting manufacturers globally.

Quarterly-ish Roundup Volume #4

Written by Tom Cash, July 1st 2020

It has been an interesting three months since lockdown began here in the UK, and despite postponing 75% of our scheduled marketing and decentralising our team, we are pleased to announce that we have surpassed our targets for Q2.

It also pleases us to report that none of our staff or their families have contracted the virus and that all are well in the extended Foxmere family.

Although the main lockdown period has had its fair share of challenges, it has ultimately been a steady three months for us with a comfortable influx of enquiries and orders.

By the time the virus reached epidemic status in the UK, we had identified that resources would be spread thin throughout the supply chain and we relocated and repurposed internal resources to steady our boat the best we could.

Stormy Waters

With thanks to a decentralised IT system that was designed for remote working, our team were able to seamlessly work from home like it was just any other day.

This meant that we did not need to furlough any staff or terminate any jobs.

We also decided not to invest in PPE equipment and we stuck to what we know best, which is helping manufacturers out of sticky situations quickly and effectively, all around the world.

Foxmere Technologies — Exporting Automation Equipment, Globally

In fact, we shipped to manufacturers in 17 countries since lockdown began and we found that our consistency and integrity was very much appreciated by our staff, customers and supply partners alike as we went on to achieve our best Q2 on record.

Objectives that were put on hold included an office move and a recruitment drive. These setbacks also set in motion other delays with internal projects, such as a new website.

However, the cost of these setbacks pale in comparison to making it through the worst that the virus has thrown at us.

Now, as lockdown eases, we're beginning to break our holding pattern and look to the future.

Stormy Waters

In Q3, we plan to pick up where we left off with both the office and our recruitment drive.

In the weeks to come, we will be finalising the details of our office move and by the end of Q3 we will have relocated from Birmingham to Aldridge, where we will have better connections to the M6 and other industrial partners.

Later in the quarter, and when we deem it is safe to do so, we will begin recruiting for an account manager and an office administrator — more details on this to follow.

Apart from expanding our capacity, we plan to keep steady sailin' and we will continue to ride this out with a positive attitude and firm focus.

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