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Quarterly-ish Roundup Volume #5

Written by Tom Cash, October 6th 2020

As we enter Q4 2020, we reflect on how fortunate we are to still be unscathed by the virus, we report on growth for the second consecutive quarter of the pandemic and we talk capacity (again).

To say 2020 has been a turbulent year would be nothing short of an understatement — frankly, it seems to us that 2020 is the year 2012 wanted to be.

2020 is the year 2012 wanted to be...

Thankfully, we're pleased to say that none of our staff or their families have contracted the virus and that we are all still in good health.

We are also very fortunate that, despite the 'rona, our sales, exports and throughput have been on the rise all year. In fact, we're happy to report that Q3 2020 saw a 34% increase in revenues and a 10% growth on throughput when compared to Q2.

With growth comes expansion and `capacity` was already our primary objective for 2020, even prior to the pandemic. However, because of the 'rona, we have not been able to move into our new office and expand the team as planned.

We last stated that we would have relocated to Aldridge by the end of Q3 but due to unforeseen circumstances within our legal team this is still ongoing.

The waiting game...

As a result, we have really felt the squeeze and we are so deeply thankful to our customers, suppliers and our sales team for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us during these challenging months.

Foxmere takes great pride in being a calm place to work and we have a fairly strict "no overtime policy" in the interest of promoting good health and sustaining the company's longevity.

With that said, this last quarter has been pretty exceptional and has seen the Foxmere team burning the candle at both ends in the interest of maintaining the paramount levels of customer satisfaction that we pride ourselves on.

We are now expecting that the office move will be complete by the end of October and, as time is of the essence, we have begun the recruitment drive for a senior account manager and a part-time administrator a little prematurely.

Foxmere Technologies is Recruiting

To summarise, we're all healthy and safe, we're still growing, the new office is still coming and we're now recruiting.

What's more, there are a bunch of new and exciting developments on the horizon and, believe it or not, we had to omit some mini-wins from this post in the interest of brevity.

So, if you like the sound of what we're doing and where we're going and you want to work for us contact

Or, if you want to see for yourself why manufacturers around the world are choosing Foxmere for their automation equipment and want to work alongside us contact

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