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Quarterly Roundup: Q1 2021

Written by Tom Cash, April 1st 2021

It has been an interesting start to the year, to say the least, with the full effects of Brexit kicking in for many and with Coronavirus vaccinations being successfully rolled out worldwide.

In a similar vein, it has been an interesting start to the year for Foxmere Technologies too as we continue to enjoy good health and grow our team whilst also facing the latest challenges that Brexit throws at us.

You see, despite our best efforts and early Brexit planning and preparation, we have still been affected by some issues beyond our control and, in our experience so far, goods we receive into our UK HQ from the EU and beyond are all now generally taking 3-5 days longer due to additional bureaucracy and checks at the border.

Pile of Paperwork

However, regardless of these minor setbacks we remain positive for the year ahead. We're optimistic that the systems and processes at the border, and with couriers, can only improve from this point onwards and we urge buyers to remain confident in our quality of service, transparency and communications as we continue to overcome these teething issues together.

In other news, this January, we celebrated one full year of Foxmere News: our popular monthly newsletter that delivers the latest news, information and jobs from the industries of automation and control, plant processing and manufacturing.

Since its inception, in January 2020, Foxmere News has been well received and, over the year, it has seen a 198% mean average growth in readership from our existing audience.

Month on month, we have A:B tested content, format and delivery to ensure we are giving the best possible experience to our audience and we have every intention to keep evolving the newsletter throughout the years to come.

Furthermore, if you would like one of your news stories or job listings to be featured please contact us at and if you haven't subscribed yet please do via our homepage.

Last and by no means least, at the tail end of February, we celebrated another company birthday and although we couldn't go out and celebrate in style (like we usually do) we ate in style instead...

Looking further into 2021, our goals for the year include:

  • Steadying the ship after a turbulent start to the year following the aftermath of Brexit.
  • Hiring more account managers for our growing sales team.
  • Delivering a brand new website.
  • Going paperless.

More details on the above to follow in due course.

To keep following our story or to find out about our latest opportunities and offerings, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, join our newsletter or simply check back here in the first week of every month for our latest journal update (quarterly roundups are posted in January, April, July and October).

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