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Quarterly Roundup Volume #6

Written by Tom Cash, January 4th 2021

Hello, happy new year and welcome to our sixth quarterly roundup. In this volume, we talk largely about capacity and growth and it all starts with our new warehouse in the Netherlands.

You see, as we entered into 2020, we thought our biggest challenge for the year was going to be working around a no-deal Brexit and our strategy to mitigate any tax and customs implications for our European customers included opening a warehouse in Holland.

Over the course of 2020, we worked closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT) and its Dutch counterpart, the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC), and in October we proudly announced that we had successfully opened a warehouse in Amsterdam.

Fokker Logistics Park

Meanwhile, in October, we were also in the final stages of the relocation of our UK headquarters.

Interestingly, this move came with more challenges and blockers than opening an overseas warehouse and the whole process took nearly an entire year to complete due to coronavirus, the national lockdowns and the quantity of people who were furloughed in many of the businesses that we were working with to complete the move.

What's more, we were already nearing capacity prior to the pandemic and, despite sectors such as automotive taking a hit, we were seeing so much growth in other sectors (such as pharmaceuticals) that we were rapidly running out of space for stock and staff.

This is Fine...

Needless to say, we got there and, in November, we finally completed the relocation of our UK headquarters from Birmingham to Aldridge.

Once the move was complete, we turned our attention back to growth as we began the recruitment process for two new account managers. We also started a new apprenticeship programme in partnership with our local college with the goal to take on a junior office administrator.

Sandwell College

The three new staff members from both our recruitment drive and our apprenticeship programme are due to start this January.

December also saw the return of our annual sticker competition, which, for many, was a welcome respite from the conversations that had dominated the year, such as the pandemic, politics and Brexit.

AE Aerospace Sticker Competition Entry

In a nutshell, it was well received and enjoyed by all and if you would like a run down of the whole competition you can read about it here.

Finally, and to summarise, 2020 has been a truly extraordinary year and the coronavirus has had a profound impact on us all yet, against all odds, we have seen 76% growth on revenues when compared to 2019, having put over 100,000 parts into over 30 different countries.

This is something we're very proud of but we couldn't have done it without you — our readers, followers, customers, supply partners and service providers.

Thank you to everyone that has stood with us — we sincerely cannot overstate our gratitude.

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