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SLC 500 Level 2


Course Outline

Upon completion of the course the student should:

  • Be able to troubleshoot a complex SLC 500 PLC system in a competent and confident manner.
  • Be able to configure SLC500 hardware and be able to network PLCs.
  • Be able to write simple programs and understand complex prewritten code.
  • Understand advanced instruction set and be able to make major modifications to software.
  • Be responsible for plant backup policy, taking backups on a regular basis.
  • Be able to perform advanced system diagnostics when a problem occurs.

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Equipment per Delegate

  • Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC.
  • PC or laptop.
  • Simulator.

Course Content

  • Design a PLC system from scratch, power requirements, IO types, networks.
  • Use remote IO systems, Flex IO, RIO adapter.
  • Advanced IO configuration, M and G files.
  • Design and configure networks, DH485, DH+ or ethernet.
  • Use and configuration of networking instructions MSG, etc.
  • Understand communications port parameters and be able to interface to devices, PanelView, etc.
  • Communications diagnostics files.
  • Use of RSLinx to extract data from PLC to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Interrogation via RSLinx.
  • Using Internet Explorer to access embedded web pages, SLC 5/05 processors.
  • Understand intermediate and advanced instructions.
  • Create library files, copy and paste blocks of code.
  • Use of advanced system functions, real time clock, timed interrupts, etc.
  • Direct interrupts.
  • Use of ASCII to communicate with external devices.
  • Use floating point maths.


Provisional bookings can be made via email, phone or letter. Confirmation in writing with a purchase order number is required four weeks prior to the course start date.

Dates may be offered to other customers after this date.

Joining instructions are sent out approximately two weeks prior to the course start date.

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Course Times

Typical course times are 09:00 to 16:30. Alternative arrangements can be made for customised and on-site courses.


A light lunch will be provided when training at our in-house facility.

Payment and Cancellations

Fees are based upon payment being made to confirm course booking. Should you be unable to meet these terms please advise us as we will be able to re-quote on your payment terms.

Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. New Customers are required to pay pro forma.

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Course Specifics


Allen-Bradley SLC 500


RSLogix 500


Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Level 1 or be fully conversant with SLC 500 basics


5 days

Max. Delegates



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