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Meet our leadership team

Tom Cash ยท 01 November 2022

Foxmere is more than just a growing automation supplier; Foxmere is a tight-knit team of passionate and dedicated individuals, working miracles for manufacturers, all around the world, on a daily basis.

Please, let us introduce our management team, from left to right...

The Foxmere leadership team

Julianne Cash

Julianne, our Financial Administrator, oversees the finances and manages the cash flow here at Foxmere. On a typical day, Julianne might be running the reconciliations, paying suppliers or chasing customer payments.

Contact Julianne regarding payments, credit terms and finance queries.

Tom Cash

As a Director, Tom leads company strategy and marketing efforts. Tom joined Foxmere as a co-owner and director back in October 2018, before rebranding the business as Foxmere in January 2019.

Contact Tom for marketing, PR and web.

Alex MacDonald

Currently the team's tallest person, Alex is our Order Fulfilment Manager. On a typical day, you might find Alex answering customer queries, packing boxes, sorting company stock and working with our logistics partners.

Contact Alex for logistics and customer service.

James Owen

James founded NJJ Automation, which would later become Foxmere, from a spare room in his house, in February 2018. Today, as a Director, James leads the company's sales and purchasing strategy, working closely with some of our biggest clients.

Contact James for sales and supply opportunities.

Michelle Folland

Our latest team member, Michelle, is our Senior Account Manager. Typically, you will find Michelle building and issuing quotes for some of our key accounts and negotiating deals with suppliers.

Contact Michelle for sales and new business opportunities.

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