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Using Slack like a Boss

Written by Tom Cash, May 10th 2019

Slack presents us with a new and intuitive approach to the live-chat model which can improve staff productivity whilst substantially reducing the need for internal emails.

As Slack's popularity continues to increase it is likely that you have already heard of it or use it yourself. So, whether you have been signed up for Slack at work or whether you are thinking of setting up your own Slack workspace, here are our top 5 pro-tips to help you on your way to using Slack like a boss:

  1. Reminders Are a Life-Saver
  2. Slackbot Is Your Friend
  3. Shortcuts Save Time
  4. Learn to Format Like a Pro
  5. Customise Your Workspace

Reminders Are a Life-Saver

There are some things that just don't belong in the team calendar...

Slack Reminders

...And whatever they are, Slack provides a great middle ground for those items. With Slack's remind feature you can set a reminder for yourself, another member of the team, a channel or a group, for example:

/remind me tomorrow to Update the marketing budget

/remind @james  next Tuesday to Call Mr. Customer

/remind @sales  at every Friday "Weekly sales review"

You can find a more explicit reminder walk-through on the Slack website.

Slackbot Is Your Friend

Do you ever get fed up of having to repeat the WiFi password or the door code? What about deciding on who makes the next tea round?

Well, Slack provides a basic auto-response feature that triggers when a certain word or phrase is typed. What's more, you can add multiple responses if you want a random answer for something like "who should make tea?" for example.

Slack Auto-Response / Custome Response

This handy little feature can help you save a little time and can also make the Slack workspace a little more fun.

More on Slackbot and auto-responses here.

Shortcuts Save Time

Just like every other piece of software, Slack has a plethora of excellent shortcuts which will help you to improve your productivity; and the first shortcut you should learn is the shortcut to your shortcuts:

cmd + /
ctrl + /
for Windows users.

Alternatively, all the shortcuts are listed on the Slack website.

Learn to Format Like a Pro

Slack like a pro by formatting like a pro! Give your writing more clarity and emphasis with Slack's basic formatting options:




> single sentence quote

>>> multiple sentence quote

See the slack website for a full list of the slack formatting markdown.

Customise Your Workspace

There are a few ways that you can customise Slack, such as changing your theme, welcome messages and how you see display names but these next two suggestions help in keeping our staff happy and smiling, which we feel strongly about.


There are a lot of seriously powerful and useful Slack integrations, such as Google docs, Trello, Google Calendar and Twitter; and by comparison, the Giphy integration is completely pointless but we promise you that your team will love it.


Once installed, you can configure Giphy to give you either a random or selected gif for a certain word or phrase.

In our experience, we have found that the random mode provides the most fun and we would highly recommend it — a well timed gif can really lighten the workplace up on those more stressful days.

More on Giphy integrations here.

Custom Emojis

As standard, Slack let's you define custom emojis providing a fun and useful way to customise your workspace. We recently found — here are some of our team favourites:

Aw Yeah Bob Ross Carlton

Yes, that's Bob Ross...

More on custom Slack emojis here.

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