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February 4th 2020

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This April, SICK, the intelligent sensor manufacturer, will stop taking orders for its popular W14-2, W18-3, W23-2 and W27-3 product families.

In an effort to streamline its portfolio and to keep pushing the boundaries of sensor technology, SICK will be replacing the aforementioned sensor families with its latest W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors.

For a long time now, SICK has played a central role in optimising processes in the field and it should come as no surprise that its latest generation of products is heaving with well researched, reliability-driven features.

The latest W16 and W26 sensors boast a range of improvements for industrial applications and, with thanks to the latest high-performance detection technologies, can detect shiny, uneven, perforated and transparent objects more reliably than ever before.

SICK W16 & W26

The new sensors also feature SICK's BluePilot technology — an LED system that provides sensors with the ability to align sensors and reflectors as well as senders and receivers within seconds. What's more, for the retroreflective and through-beam sensors, BluePilot helps with alignment over even longer distances.

Other features include the use of Bluetooth technology, allowing the sensors to seamlessly detect and translate their situation into digital data which is accessible via other smart and mobile devices, opening the door to Industry 4.0 and smart factories.

Finally, the new and improved W16 and W26 sensors feature compatible housing and fixing holes for most sensors from the previous generation and in some cases, where a simple swap is not possible, adapters are provided.

SICK W16 & W26

For more information on the new generation of sensors download the W16/W26 brochure from the SICK website and for more information on product conversion specifics see the SICK conversion list phase-out web page.

In addition to providing new SICK equipment, we will continue to hold stock of and supply W14-2, W18-3, W23-2 and W27-3 sensors beyond the official phase-out date for those looking for a like-for-like replacement or spares.

To buy either new or previous generation SICK sensors or to simply talk specifics, call one of our team today on +44 (0)1922 349 999.

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