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Managing end-of-life equipment

September 6th 2019

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In just over one year from now, on September 30th 2020, the popular Siemens MASTERDRIVE range will reach end-of-life status and is to be superseded by the SINAMICS family.

Siemens MASTERDRIVE is reaching end-of-life status

Whilst we all enjoy the latest features and efficiencies that come with new technology, you may be happy with your current equipment. Yet, with Siemens warranty liabilities for the MASTERDRIVE range coming to an end in 2022, you may feel obligated to migrate to the latest SINAMICS alternative.

This doesn't have to be the case.

In fact, we have found that many of our customers — both in process and production — prefer to maintain existing systems at the benefit of reducing their overall downtime and total cost of ownership.

Not only is the "plug-and-play" nature of replacing parts in a like-for-like manner faster and cheaper than an unwanted part upgrade, it also prevents the need to replace neighbouring equipment due to compatibility issues.

It also means you can keep hold of your existing maintenance stock, such as fans, fuses and capacitors.

It's for these reasons that it is easy to see why many of our customers favour replacing their existing equipment when product families become obsolete and, for some time now, we have helped companies all around the world to prolong the life of their existing setup with our fully-warrantied refurbished automation and control components and repair services.

Our refurbished parts present a sustainable and affordable alternative to buying new equipment whilst helping to alleviate some of the financial stress that often comes with an unwanted upgrade.

In some instances, when a product family like MASTERDRIVE is being phased-out, many companies opt for stocking up on their spares as, over time, availability may become limited.

Performing a stock take

In other instances, where holding surplus stock may not be an option, some companies sometimes opt for repairing their broken equipment later down the line.

Whatever your needs are, if you would like to speak to us in more detail about how we can help you with your MASTERDRIVE equipment or if you would simply like to ask some questions about our refurbished and repair options, please get in touch.

Products reaching end-of-life doesn't have to be a stress and we're here to help keep things simple.

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