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We stock automation spares for manufacturers in the aviation industry.

Following the end of the pandemic, demand for new aircraft has massively increased. In fact, SME reports that the need for commercial airlines alone would require an effective doubling of current production rates.

Now, more than ever, those in aviation are turning to automation to ramp things up.

Designing a Jet Engine

Whilst automation increases operational efficiency, capacity, and safety, unscheduled downtime can get very expensive very quickly.

Moreover, unplanned downtime is more likely if no material resource planning (MRP) exists because keeping up with equipment obsolescence can be a big help.

We understand that in the aviation industry, accuracy and timeliness are everything.

Satellite Development

Therefore, changing individual parts can be more cost-effective than replacing an entire production line when a machine breaks down.

That's why, at Foxmere, we stock an extensive range of automation spares for aviation manufacturers. From FANUC to Siemens, we stock thousands of fully-warrantied automation parts. We also offer trade terms and express delivery to expedite our processes further and minimise your downtime.

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