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We stock automation spares for waste facilities.

The waste industry faces several significant challenges, including unmanageable volumes of waste, limited landfill space, recycling issues, environmental impact, etc.

World Bank reports that by 2050, we're expected to produce a massive 3.4 billion tonnes of waste worldwide yearly. Waste management facilities investing in automation are now storming ahead of their competitors.

Automation is increasingly used in the waste industry to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Automation in waste management

Automated sorting systems use robotic arms, sensors and conveyor belts to sift through and organise incredible quantities of rubbish for recycling. Special trucks with robotic arms or side loaders are used to empty bins, speeding up the overall waste collection process. Waste-to-energy facilities also use automated systems to safely and efficiently convert waste materials into ethanol, for example, which is used as a biofuel.

However, machines in such demanding and harsh environments have a higher failure rate.

Waste is often heavy and abrasive, which can cause excessive wear and tear on machine components. Moreover, the dirty environment means dust and debris will likely contaminate machinery and potentially clog air filters, resulting in overheating and premature equipment failure.

Weather conditions also pose a threat. If electrical components like sensors are exposed to wet or humid conditions, they can become damaged, even when conformally coated to suit their environment.

Waste management facility

Therefore, regular planned maintenance is crucial to reduce the impact of machine breakdowns.

However, we understand that having the correct spare in stores isn't always possible and that having a dependable supplier means you're in the best possible position when parts start to fail.

At Foxmere, we stock thousands of automation spares for the waste industry from leading brands, including ABB, Endress+Hauser, Siemens and Allen-Bradley.

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