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We stock automation spares for the construction industry.

Given that the construction industry has been slower to adopt new technologies and automation than other sectors, those who do have a crucial advantage over their competitors.

For example, WinSun Construction, a pioneer of 3D-printing technology, built a six-story apartment entirely with a 3D printer. The technique increased productivity massively by decreasing production time, reducing the cost of materials and producing minimal waste.

Whilst many construction firms are still a few years away from printing entire buildings, it's clear there is a crucial opportunity for the construction industry to capitalise on new technologies.

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Problems facing the industry, such as labour shortages and dangerous working conditions, can be overcome with the use of automation. For example, by adopting robotics like SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) to make bricklaying safer and less physically demanding, businesses have seen a 3-5x increase in output.

Given the ever-changing nature of building sites, automation solutions used in construction require a high level of flexibility. When these machines break down, the costs can be exceptional.

That's where we come in. Current or obsolete, we can supply you with the exact part you need to get your machines back up and running.

At Foxmere, we stock thousands of parts for the construction industry from popular brands such as Bosch Rexroth, Siemens, Gefran, Omron, Festo, Mitsubishi, ABB and Schneider.

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