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Pulp & Paper

We stock automation spares for pulp and paper manufacturers.

Despite the move towards digitalisation, the paper and pulp industry continues to grow.

Annually, manufacturers produce over 400 million tonnes of paper and cardboard, and automation is increasingly used for everything from manual handling and labelling to quality control. Factory automation can also help with sustainability by controlling water and energy consumption.

With automation increasing efficiency, it's now more important than ever that manufacturers have a preventative maintenance strategy. When machines break, the resulting downtime can be costly, and keeping that to a minimum is crucial.

Workers checking paper quality in a paper production facility

That's especially true for the paper industry, which is known to use legacy equipment that's increasingly prone to failure. With suitable systems in place, automation can be more reliable, and that's where Foxmere comes in.

Experience less downtime and reduce costs with our vast range of parts for the paper industry, including Honeywell, HIMA, ABB, Siemens, Baumer, Beckhoff, Allen-Bradley, Eaton Moeller, Lenze, Omron and Keyence.

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