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We stock automation spares for chemical plants in the UK and worldwide.

As a result of the high cost of raw materials and logistics, concerns around occupational safety and climate change pressure, the chemical industry has become challenging in recent years.

One way for chemical plants to remain competitive is to invest in advanced technologies, such as industrial automation.

Not only is automating chemical production greener and more efficient, but it also offers improved safety and reduced costs.

Engineer in a Chemical Plant

Whilst industrial automation is integral to modern chemical production, more equipment inevitably equals more breakdowns.

However, by introducing predictive maintenance, GE reports that chemical plants experience, on average, 36% less unplanned downtime annually.

This is where Foxmere comes in. As an experienced automation supplier, Foxmere will provide the precise spares to tackle unplanned downtime so you can return to production with minimal costs.

We offer a wide range of chemical automation spares from many of the industry's leading brands, such as Endress+Hauser, Parker, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Fuji-Electric and Schneider.

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