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YAGEO buys Telemecanique Sensors for €723m

January 24th 2024

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Taiwanese electronic component manufacturer, YAGEO Corporation, has recently acquired Schneider Electric's Telemecanique Sensors business in an all-cash transaction.

After over 90 years of continuous innovation, Telemecanique Sensors proudly boasts a diverse portfolio of premium electromechanical and electronic sensing solutions for most industrial applications.

YAGEO, founded in 1977, is known for offering a “one-stop-shop” service on its vast portfolio of resistors, ceramic capacitors, ferrites, high-frequency products, aluminium capacitors, and inductors, which are used in consumer electronics, telecommunication, power and automotive sectors.

YAGEO also claims to be the world’s largest producer of chip-resistors and tantalum capacitors.

This transaction is a landmark moment for YAGEO and the industry, as it signals a significant expansion into industrial automation and sensing technology markets for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

What To Expect

Schneider Electric will grant YAGEO a license to use the Telemecanique Sensors name, and YAGEO will obtain the relevant sensor patents.

Telemecanique Sensors Range

In the short term, customers can expect “business-as-usual [...] with no interruption to [...] service or operations”, according to Telemecanique Sensors.

In the long term, Telemecanique Sensors will benefit from YAGEO’s extensive resources as the Taiwanese company continues to broaden its sensor portfolio with innovative solutions to the industry’s latest challenges.

Rest Assured

Although this is a defining moment for both companies and the industry, customers of Foxmere will continue to receive reliable service and supply of Telemecanique Sensor parts and spares.

While some of our customers and competitors are concerned about stock shortages on legacy spares, we are confident that we can continue to offer uninterrupted supply for the foreseeable future thanks to a deep bench of over 400 reliable partners from different economic areas worldwide.

If you have any questions about Foxmere and our stock offering, or if you’re simply after a reliable automation parts supplier and want to enquire, contact us today.

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